Change RTSP Port from 554 to Something Else?

Is there a way to change the RTSP port from the default of 554 to something else on the Wyze Cam v2? If I have multiple cameras using RTSP on my network, I’d like to forward different ports to different devices.

If there is a way to change it, please let me know where. I’m not seeing an option under the advanced settings.

You do this at the router, not the Wyze app. Forwarding ports is in essence a mapping between two IP and port combos; the internal (camera LAN IP/554) and the external (WAN IP/your port of choice ).

Specifying your port of choice, depends on your router’s user interface. What’s your router’s model brand and model number? People with the same router might be able to guide you better on how to do this.

Yes, I know how to forward ports in my router. My question is how can I change the port the Wyze camera uses for RTSP? I have other cameras also using port 554 for RTSP, and as such, I cannot forward ports for both devices to be accessed remotely. Only one device can be configured per port forward mapping in a NAT LAN network.

If you really know port forwarding, you’d know that one of its objectives is to be able change the port. You can’t change the port (554) using the app nor at the camera, it’s hard coded. You change the forwarded port at the router.

And do you really need to forward ports?

You only need to if you are accessing the RTSP-firmware cameras outside of your home network and if you’re NOT using the Wyze app.

If you’re using the Wyze, it will treat those cameras like cameras with regular firmware. You just lose a few server services.

You’re right. I’ll give that a shot. Most cameras still allow you to the change the port their services bind on.

Some do, but not very many, and most of those that do are dedicated security cameras and cost much more. My 200 dollar Ring cam does not nor does my 180 Blink cam, nor does Amazons cams etc.

Yup my $1600 Panasonic 4k security camera does allow. I recommend a VPN for any exterior access and forget about opening ports.

I wonder if we will ever get a true RTSP Wyze cam or a way to run everything local.

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Is anyone at Wyze still there?
I’d appreciate an answer, too.
I have a beautiful picture with the Wyze App on my phone along with several other Wyze cameras, but cannot view THIS camera with Blue Iris or IPCamViewer unless it is on a DIFFERENT RTSP PORT.