Wyze cam plus delay in notifications for Iphone

There is a significant delay (12-15 sec) delay in alert notifications in Iphone. Do we know when Wyze is planning to address this?

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Is this a recent change you have experienced after updating the app? Are you running the Beta App? What version are you running?

Notification Latency is affected by a great number of variables outside of Wyze’s control:

  • Cam network connectivity signal strength
  • Your local WiFi Network speed and load.
  • Your ISP Upload and Download speed while phone is on WiFi.
  • Your Cellular Carrier’s download speed, throttling, prioritization, routing, and reception.
  • Your physical distance from the Wyze server sending the notification.

Iam not using the beta app, using the version 2.38.4(3)

Does not seem like network or Wi-Fi issues since Iam testing the ring ones also and they do not seem to have the lag.

Also when I spoke with customer service they did acknowledge this issue on the firmware side and also opened a log for that.

This is not something I observe.
For both Wyze Cam Plus or HMS, the notification delay is more in the 2~5 seconds.

I’m using the 2.38.4 (3) app.

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