Wyze Cam Pan v3 skin

I find that no matter if mounted right side up or upside down, tilting the camera too far vertically, especially after dark, causes the view to be washed out by the infrared lights reflecting off of the surface of the second cube. This might be rectified by being able to adjust the connecting arm but that appears to be stationary and secure.

Possibly a flat black decal/sticker that would cover the cube surface could work or better yet, a flat black skin for the adjoining cube would suffice.

In any event, I find this to be a real issue. I use the camera for wildlife in the yard and when an animal gets too close to the mounting pole, the view is lost as the camera tilts down. Likewise, if mounted upside down, the image is lost of a critter climbing up a tree.

In my opinion, this needs to be addressed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I have not tried this but just ran across it. Looks like they have a matte black amongst other colors.

I suppose before you spend money on a wrap, you could try taping a piece of dark construction paper to the camera to see if it alleviates the IR washout.

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Thanks for the info. Construction paper will not work outside. Heck, the included sticker is long gone and we haven’t had any bad weather since I installed it. Stickers not made for outside.

I may just try a couple strips of electrical tape though its not matte finish just to test. The entire top of the brain cube does not need to be covered, just an inch or so of it from the outer edge which is all the camera can see.

If Wyze offered a black model, that would eliminate the issue entirely.

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Just ordered some gaffer’s tape. Looks like that will work.

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Yea, the construction paper thought was just to test, not long term. considering moisture would chew it up pretty quickly.

Gaffer’s tape is a good idea too, less of a sheen than electrical tape for sure.

Interested in hearing your outcome. Keep us posted!

Will do!

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I used a rather heavy, flat black gaffer tape and covered the surface of the cube closest to the camera.

Unfortunately, no change. I can only assume the camera is in too close proximity to the companion cube. The infrared lights generate an intense reflection, no matter what the surface is covered or dulled with, when the camera lens is tilted toward it.

Back to the drawing board.

I suspect the real problem is that the camera shouldn’t be able to look directly at its own ass.

I had mine high on a shelf in my garage, and every time my dog walked by in front of it with the motion tracking turned on, it would pan down to the point that its view of my dog was obscured by its badonkadonk. Then my dog would walk away and the camera is still just dumbly looking at its own butt, missing the rest of the dog’s movement.

If you really want to go all in, $45…
Black 3.0 - the world’s blackest black acrylic paint. 5 fl oz (150ml)