Wyze Cam Pan V3 PoE Splitters don't work for this cam?

I run all my Wyze cams off a PoE switch with the Wasserstein PoE Ethernet Power Adapter connected to each camera. Wasserstein tells me that there PoE power adapter will not work with the older Wyze Cam Pans and the new V3 that I want to buy. The run for the V3 will be 75’ away from the switch, Any idea why the Wasserstein’s will not work for the Cam Pans? Will any PoE Ethernet Power Adapters work? If so, any suggestions? TY

The Pan Cams, as well as the V3Pro, both @ 2 Amps, have a higher power requirement than the standard Wyze Cams @ 1 Amp.

Thanks for the quick reply. Wouldn’t my PoE switch take care of that, or is it that the Wasserstein only puts out 1 amp to the camera?

I don’t have the spec sheet on the particular Wasserstein POE Adapter model you are using, so I don’t know what limitations might be there.

Thanks, I can’t find it either.

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