Will Cam Pan v3 work on PoE connection?

I want to install a Cam Pan v3 where a Cam v3 was already located. The Cam v3 was powered by PoE connection via Cat6 cable. Will the new Cam Pan run on this? Is there an adapter to convert the proprietery L-shaped power cable to Cat 6 OR the MicroB plug already coming from a Cat6 adapter? Also, why would Wyze make an outdoor camera and then only provide a six foot power cable option? If I stick with proprietery cable, how much can extend USB and it work properly?

Yes, no , maybe?

Depends on what you mean by powered via PoE. Do you have a power adapter to get from PoE to the camera? Do you have an adapter for the new Pan Cam that works with your power adapter? Wyze cameras don’t have circuitry to connect to anything like that directly, as you probably know already.

Later found out my PoE adapter (PoE to USB micro B) converts to 5 volts. So it should work once I get proper adapters to fit the VERY odd design Wyze connection in the bottom of the camera base.

The L shaped pigtail is available here:

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