Is the Cam v3 Pro POE compatible?

Hi, I have Cam v3 cameras around the house and have POE cables powering each. I want to replace a couple of the v3’s with the v3 Pro, but Wyze says:
" For safe outdoor use, Cam v3 Pro requires a “Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter v2 (sold separately)”.

I doubt this is really a necessity but would like to know, has anyone used the Cam v3 Pro with a POE setup?
Thanks for your help.

None of the Wyze cams natively support POE. It is a hardware requirement of the ethernet on the camera system board, which none of the cameras have.

The v3pro doesn’t have a pigtail like the v3, instead the plug goes directly into the back of the camera.

This means the connector must be the right size to fit and provide a good seal.

Also, the v3 pro uses more power, I believe it needs 2 or 1.5 amps instead of 1 like the v3.

If your Poe to usb adapter works for that then it should work for power, but not data

I have a V3 Pro outdoors and I used the supplied power cable connected to the supplied 5 Volt 2 Amp power adapter that is plugged in indoors.

WYZE cams do not have an Ethernet port.

As what was said, the Cameras are not PoE, but you could use a splitter to pull the power from the PoE and then power the Camera with that. I currently do that with my outdoor cameras.

If I’m understanding what you are saying, not a major problem. As I understand what you are saying, you are using an adapter that takes power from an Ethernet cable that has POE power on it, and that adapter has a USB connection that you are connecting to your V3 cameras. Do I have that right?

If that is the case, the same likely will work with the V3 Pro. The reason I say “likely” is that the USB power inlet on the V3 Pro is a bit tighter than the pigtail on the V3 or the inlet on the V2. As a result, the plug may not fit in the V3 Pro. Obviously, if your POE to USB adapter is providing a female USB-A connection, and you are using the stock Wyze cable to plug into the camera, that is not a problem at all as the USB-A is completely standard.

Make sense?

Makes perfect sense. That was my thoughts also. I just couldn’t understand why Wyze says their outdoor adapter was required. I’m going to try it. I can’t see why it wouldn’t work just like the V3. I just hope the V3 Pro is worth the price.
Thank you for your help.

If you are successfully powering normal V3s with a POE conversion, then you can continue to do so with the V3 Pro.

Wyze was not addressing odd installations like yours, but was instead addressing the simple difference between using an indoor or outdoor adapter outdoors.

In the case of an outdoor adapter, the ‘V2’ Outdoor Adapter is required on the Pro (the V3 doesn’t care). The reason is because the backshell on the V2 is better suited to the size of the Pro’s fixed connector, ensuring better water resistance. The V3 plain doesn’t really care about the backshell size with the pigtail it has.

Thank you. That’s good information I can use. If my USB doesn’t work, I can probably find one that will.

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