Wyze Cam Pan v3 Firmware Beta Test 1/20/2023

It is the Wyze 32 gig SD Card.

I will reset the Position and try the Privacy again


@WyzeXiZ , Just tested the Reset Position Option, now it does what it is supposed to. Really appreciate that. One Item to consider, when you tap on the button, there is no feedback that it is done or anything. So was not sure what to expect, but it worked.


Thank you! We will consider to add a click feedback for this position reset button.

Here you can find more info on " Why doesn’t my camera completely point down in Privacy Mode?" :slight_smile:

Mine’s never had a problem with that it just doesn’t keep internet connection and there’s perfect signal where it’s sitting at and switching from the flood light for power to its power block only keeps it going for about a day longer and then it won’t connect again until I reset it

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