Wyze Cam Pan v2 & v3 Firmware Beta Test 3/13/2023

I am already a member of the beta program, was just looking to see if the beta firmwares were available to download to manually update with a memory card rather than doing and OTA.

Beta Firmware is not distributed by downloadable .bin file. Only thru OTA update

Only under extremely rare circumstances thru direct coordination with a Wyze Developer to investigate a specific issue will Beta testers be provided with a .bin file thru DM.

Yea, i figured something like this was the case. Just wasn’t sure if my internet sleuthing had gotten weak or the bin’s were just not, in fact, available. but at least I was able to finally get it to update. hopefully that process can help others that have the same issue. Now if only we could manually update firmware on the flood lights.

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