Wyze cam pan v1 can't set it up

I have an existing Wyze cam pan v1 that has been working great for years

I had a 2nd Wyze cam pan v1 on the shelf I didn’t use and came to set it up today.

1st time during setup everything followed the path “ready to setup” and then scanned the QR code, it then failed with :“could not connect to local network”

I then reset the camera (held setup for 30 seconds and the yellow light comes on) and went through it again and the 2nd time I got “failed to connect to the named network”

Now I can’t get it to reset, it attempts to reset,

*1. turns on, blue light on solid
2. * Camera spins left/right and tests itself
3. * Camera then stays with the blue light solid for about 3 minutes

    • *yellow light then comes on solid
    • yellow / blue flashing
    • camera spins left / right
    • light goes back to blue solid
    • camera does nothing for about 2 minutes
    • camera spins again and LED light goes off
  1. the. it repeats again from step 1… but I never get to a point where I can get the camera to go into setup mode.

    • I never get a “flashing” yellow light again to be able to go into setup mode

You might want to try flashing the camera to a more current firmware to see if that fixes the issue. Don’t know if you need instructions for that or not…

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thanks don’t have a 32gb sd card which it needs (all of mine are 64gb) which I think you have to use for manual firmware updates, I tried it with a 64gb sd card and I never get the “solid” light blue light to get it to update. The cost of a 32 gb sd card isn’t much less than the camera :slight_smile:

Also the “latest” firmware for the pan cam v1 link is broken :slight_smile:


I noticed that a few days ago myself. I was able to grab for a manual firmware change (removed RTSP). Once that was loaded, was able to over the air update to the latest (which then changed the next day for beta testers)…

Guess what…I had 4 ptz V1 same issue I tryed different phones,tablets and no go so I put them in my trash compactor and now there gone…what a piece of crap I have service ticket open since Saturday and no one has answered it only 1 time what a crap company I spoke to our corporate office attorney about wyze and the partners all said to sue the crap out of them

It doesn’t need to be 32gb…something smaller works too. The 32gb was the maximum size supported until recently. Just needs to be formatted fat32.

I only have 65gb and 128gb micro SD cards, I need to go buy a 32gb…

Installed a 32gb card and put the 2nd to last firmware on there (since the current link is broken) and flashed it by renaming it to demo.bin and its working now and connected, thanks for the help/tips.

Interesting, I am having the same exact issue. I had bought the camera several years ago and just opened it.

I used a 32gb card I got from best buy for under $20, copied the firm ware to it and followed these instructions, after it was updated it connected fine.