Wyze Cam Pan stops recording

The device stops recording in the SD card until it is ejected and inserted again. It has happened on many occasions when we wanted to review the recording and the card was empty. If the device is not reliable then it cannot be trusted to be used as a security monitoring.

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Others are having the same issues.

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I am still having the same problem.

The @WyzeTeam new is working on it!


Having to continue to reset becomes annoying just to have it record. Hopefully this gets fixed soon Laughing

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Now my second Cam V2 stopped recording with SD card 32G. Both are less than 18 months old. Restart, delete and connect but Card not seen. Tone clicks rarely when it is inserted, but 2 of 4 units failed. Have 2 cam pan not failed, yet. Help.

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I haven’t seen any issues with the V2s. Have you tried formatting the SD card?

After your reply to reset SD card the camera never sees card or even gives a tone when inserted and now it doesn’t even work. This is just what happened with the first V2 cam that failed and was replaced. Guess after 18 months they just wear out. This issue has made me reconsider the value that previously I recommended to others. Hope they have better luck.

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I’d contact the @WyzeTeam (I don’t work for Wyze) and try to get a replacement camera.

Agreed, 2 of my pan cams have done the same thing where it will say “No video at selected time”, restarting it fixes them for about 15 minutes and then BAM! no more recording. Tried different cards, the cards that are working on the v2 cams and still the same, this is the main reason why I’m slowly switching to ezviz (hikvision) to avoid all this headaches of the cams malfunctioning. I gotta say the view on the wyzecam pan is nice and wide as for the eziviz c6c is not as wide BUT the ezviz has the wyzecam beat on the night vision