Wyze cam pan PTZ with RTSP on Blue iris

Has anyone gotten PTZ working on the Cam Pan V2 on Blue Iris v4.8.6? I have the latest RTSP demo_Pan_rtsp_4.29.4.41 but the PTZ controls are greyed out on Blue Iris…PTZ works fine through the Wyze app.

I believe (and I am not positive as I am not using RTSP) that when running RTSP the PTZ will not work anywhere but the Wyze app. Hopefully someone who runs RTSP will come along and answer. You could also try asking in the RTSP thread I linked below.

Sounds as if Dafang Hacks supports it, but of course you lose Wyze app and cloud service.

I had not thought of that I was just thinking the Wyze RTSP