What settings to use in Blue Iris to control pan/tilt/zoom on a wyze cam pan

Anyone know what settings to use in Blue Iris to allow it to pan/tilt/zoom a Wyze Cam Pam? Thank you!

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I have not used Blue Iris, nor do I have a Pan Cam, but I believe third-party pan/tilt/zoom would require ONVIF support which the Pan Cam does not have.

I am not sure about Blue Iris, but I use TinyCam Pro and can pan, tilt and zoom in that app, so there should be a way

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I just found out about the lack of pan tilt on Blue Iris. Such a bummer!

I think Ken is working on fixing this.

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Any updates on PTZ with Blue Iris?

OK so can I assume that someone here got blue Iris to work outside of the Pan and tilt, if so what settings do you use? (Without doing anything to the Cam)

You have to install the beta RTSP firmware found here: wyzecam rtsp

You can follow the directions on there to install the rtsp firmware (download firmware (pan or not pan), extract file to microsd, rename file to demo.bin, insert into camera which should be unplugged. Hold down reset button while powering on camera. Keep holding button down until LED turns orange & blue mixed. Then, once the new firmware is installed, in the settings in the wyze app, go into advanced, then enable rtsp. You need to create a username and password, then it will show you the url. In blueiris, add a camera, change it to rtsp, enter your IP, enter your user/pass, then change the folder path to live. You can enable sound as well. Im still trying to test all of the different blueiris protocols for the pan tilt zoom function.

Recently installed a Pan into my home. I had on issues getting it installed into Blue Iris (thanks by the way for the RTSP firmware and very detailed instructions) however I cannot get the PTZ option to work on the cam through Blue Iris. I know you are work on it. Any updates so far? Thank you in advance.

Any movement on accessing the PTZ controls? I searched through the forum but I can’t see any other information. Thanks.

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