Wyze Cam Pan on International sockets

I have a few Wyze cam pan purchased in the US.

I plan to use them in India by connecting to international sockets.

I plan to use 6 AMP from the details below.

The Socket specification is -


(1 module / 2 module)

• Supply outlet for class I / Il electrical appliances, lighting fittings etc.
Technical Specifications • Rated voltage 240V AC.
Rated current 6Amp/2.5-1 OAmp
• IPX4 protection.
• Mould of UV resistant, high impact polycarbonate.
• Unimpaired shutter functions even after 5000 plug pin insertions.
• Insulation resistance tested of 500V dc > 100 M ohms. • Making & braking capacity 1 00 plug insertions & withdrawals (1 00 strokes) with 1 .25 times rated current at > 264 volts A.C.
• Resilient contact of high conductivity material.
• Contact block with S.S. pressure plate.
• Specially designed brass component profile to ensure better contact and low temperature rise.
• First make’ and ‘last break’ earth connection through earth pin. Suitable for 2 pin plugs with 1 6.4 mm & 1 9.2 mm pin spacing between L & N.
• Suitable for class I & class Il appliance.@ & @
• Provided with child safety shutter.
• Product AA 2 030 suitable for variety of plugs used around the world & also suitable for different types of mobile chargers. Special Features:
• International socket is compatible with variety of plugs used around the world.
• The International socket is also suitable for different types of mobile chargers. Nomenclature and Marking
GM modular range is marked with details using laser technology with absolute precision and indelibility.
Example for Use Different varieties:
1 Module:
AA 1 0286Amp 2 Pin
Euro-American Socket
AA 2 0301 OAmp
I International

International socket compatible with variety of plugs of different countries

The power specs for the camera are here. Wyze currently does not support anything other than US usage so your mileage may vary.



Thank you so much!! This helps!

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I’ve been using 7 cameras here in Australia with 240v for many years now without issues.

Voltage for the power adapter is pretty much unimportant. The critical thing is the output to the camera, which I seem to remember is 5v via the usb cable.