Wyze Lamp Socket - Wyze is really for the Americans ONLY

So Wyze has come up with a new product. The concept is great, but the thoughts are with Americans only!

Lamp Socket Input/Output = 120V, 60Hz

I almost ordered it, but it wouldn’t work outside the 110-120V Geospace.

I have always wondered why Wyze doesn’t consider rating their devices at 110V-240V when that is a very cosmetic/minor change to the power board. Those of us outside the US will never get to use Wyze Light Bulbs and this Lamp Socket.

Like it or not, Wyze has always been US centric.

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So those of us outside the US are lucky that USB power is an international standard otherwise we’d not be having the cameras and the headphones, buds.

Seriously though, Wyze NEVER listens. Because supporting 110-230V is a very minor change. Anyway, we are lucky that their competitors give us room to experience what Wyze refuses to.
I have just received my WCPV2. Imagine if that was to be plugged into a 110V outlet. It would mean we’d not have those here (in Africa) in the UK, in Oz and any other non-110V country.

Remember, as far as I know, Wyze does not market any of their products outside the USA (and recently limited sales in Canada). There may be a multitude of reasons for that - both technology and other reasons.
In other words, if a company does not market a product in some other county, there is little reason to modify it to use in that country.

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Thank you very much for that clarification. For us, non-US/Canada peeps, we must contend with products from other vendors who market worldwide but steal into Wyze when they have a universal adapter for a product - USB powered.

When will this be available in Canada?

I am also interested in a response to dan.n’s question: When will the lamp socket be available in Canada?