Multi Voltage Products

Please, when developing future products make them all multi voltage, such as 100 to 240 volt 50/60 cycles. That includes plugs and light bulbs along with the cameras.

The cameras’ power adapters already are multi voltage. I’ll leave this topic in #wishlist for future consideration for smart plugs and bulbs.

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Yes, I was aware of the cameras’ power adapters I was hoping they would carry that forward on all there new devices, whatever they may be.

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Please make a version 2 of you wyze plug and bulb with 240V support. You will have a huge user base internationally. I actually considered buying them adding a transformer to be able to use them.


Thanks for making the smart plug available! That’s great news!

Are there any plans for a Smart Plug for Europe? (Type C & F)

This is the most commonly used system in 137 countries:

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Welcome to the community, @ThomM! I have approved your request, but please keep in mind that Wyze is not an international company and develops their products primarily for the North American markets. :slight_smile:

The same type B Smart Plug but supports 220V… or do I have to create a separate wishlist topic for this?

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No, this is fine. We will update the topic as necessary. :slight_smile:

Does the Wyze Bulb support 220V? maybe we could include that also here…

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This might interest you. :slight_smile:

I believe it is more than just the voltage.

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Can you please provide more info as to what you intended for this request to be? A link is nice, but knowing exactly what you’re looking for would be more helpful. :slight_smile:

:sweat_smile: so base on the Wyze Bulb electronic rating it can work on 220V; thanks for that @DreadPirateRush, I haven’t dug that deep to find that info.

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European plugs are different than US plugs. It’s not only the voltage but also the shape and the holes. Using a set of Wyze smart plugs in Europe means you have to use it with an adaptor from EU to US system and another one from US to EU, on which you can plug your appliance. This is not ideal of course…

I’m surprised they have only stated 110v & 220v, most switch mode psu’s (the builtin converter from mains to low voltage) are rated for 100-250v, as you can see in the link above 230v is the most widely used (some would say 230v is the standard) and some places are 240v
The tolerance is up to 10% depending on country so you are looking at a maximum of 253v in a 230v country

Request for releasing plugs that can be plugged in to 220v sockets

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Type I also?
240v for Australia and New Zealand.
Am a firm believer of Wyze products and would love to have a smart plug that works with my Cams and Sense.

Make a Wyze Plug that supports 220v. Bought mine direct from store, had it shipped to Asia, and promptly destroyed it because I got excited and didn’t read the specs.


I bought wyze plug 2-pack from and got it shipped to my home in South Africa. I didn’t know it is 120V and blew it by plugging it with a standard converter. 1 down and 1 in the drawer! Hope you are developing for International customers like me. All the best!

bought the camera and sense for my wife and friends in SE asia and they love it … it would be nice to get the plugs so i can plug an alarm siren. i think there is a market for it. mi products sucks! china only products/servers for specific countries/etc = sketchy…

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