How about the rest of the PLANET?

Like many Wyzers, I have recommended, helped install etc many other users stuff! HOWEVER, surely the rest of the planet (220 - 240 V users) surely deserve some love too??

I have sooooo many friends and rellos (Ozzie for relatives) in OZ who want to get Wyze too. What about the 1.5 BILLION others that use 220v -240v ???

I will rent a big warehouse!! - I have an import license (you should do it direct!) and am getting all kinds of flack about protectionist USA etc - no fair!!!

You heard it here first - they are going to start plugging in the bulbs and plugs into 240v, since no-one makes 110v discrete anymore, right???

Be brave, tell us!!!

LOL, OzRodney.

I have read that the cameras and bulbs should work fine, the plugs not so much.

They’ve been two years trying to figure out how to sell in Canada. :slightly_smiling_face:

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380 million people in USA… 7 billion on planet. 129 million mexico, 28 million Australia, 750million Europe,
I said this before, instead of taking a smash hit and going on tour with it and v3 likely the same, when asked why, the response is , resources, redtape etc. However R&D on door locks, thermometers, scales and now the worst of all sprinkler control would afford them money to switch markets and expand. There would be a cloning of the v2 process, no R&D, no testing, just code and government compliance of the country of issue. No different than what needs vetting for a sprinkler controller…
Seriously this company needs a new ceo, and no offense but who did the market research on that… Looking at the people first who have lawns in urban areas there goes majority of market, those outside of the urban area that have lawn and even smaller those with a sprinkler system that didnt come with a controller.
The market share on sprinkler controllers vs the market demand for cameras is got to be in the millions of times difference. Same as scales,locks, bulbs etc etc.
The winning formula is high demand market with high population, that demand a high quality item but has a high priced product with easy market access

Take that formula and plug your product into it knowing the one factor you have control over is price. Replace the high price point with your product at a lower than market value price and youll have a home run. If your proposed product cannot satisfy the other parts of the formula then forget it and move on. No other wyze products meet the formulas criteria.
They need a shake up badly before its too late.

Please refer to these two Wishlist topics:

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