Dual voltage for wyze products

I am an expat in Philippines and brought my wyze v2 cams and wyze sense over from back home. I’d love to buy the lock, robovac and now sprinkler controller. Are any of these dual voltage for 110/220? I don’t want to use transformers. Thank you all

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The lock is battery powered isn’t it?

I believe it has a gateway that is plugged in. The cameras have a dual voltage plugs. I was hoping the same with the rest of their products.

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Checked on https://wyze.com/ but spec. input and output voltages are the same, e.g 20V or 24V.
Will see if Wyze can update the specification for the power adaptor on the products.

Ah yes, makes sense.
There aren’t many power adapters that aren’t 120V/240V compatible.

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The AC adapters for every Amazon device I’ve seen thus far have all stated they accept 100-240 volts, 50/60 Hz.

At least for the Wyze Cam v2, the same is true (so I expect the other products follow):

It isn’t that difficult to make “universal” DC output AC adapters, and it simplifies the parts inventory for manufacturing.

Thanks all for your input. The only reason I asked was when the locks came out wyze help told me that the gateway only worked on 110 unlike the camera adapters. Unfortunately being abroad I can’t verify by going to Home Depot.

Just recently I got a different response from wyze that all of their products were dual.

Thanks again to all. Shall wait n buy what I need when I return home.

You can always rely on Wyze support to give conflicting information. That way they are fairly sure one of them was right. :slightly_smiling_face:

Earlier this month had pushed it up to revise the spec. but so far no answer. I agree with @angus.black & @LonnieM but would like an eMail confirmation from Wyze.

Can not find any inofrmation to say Wyze Gateway will operate on 220V @ 50 Hz. I did not see this product at Home Depot in Los Angeles CA.
On Amazon it only says, “Corded Electric”

One Amazon comment says: Q: Will it work on 220 volt?
A: The lock itself works with battery. But wall hub in the box comes with 110 V. But im sure you can use a converter for it. But i cant see if it does both 110 &220
By Reza Panahi on July 23, 2020

I did get an email from wyze support about a year ago that the lock gateway is not dual. Last week I received another email from support that gateway, robot vacuum and sprinkler controller are dual voltage. So who do i believe short of me buying the product and taking a chance unless I get it at a box store? Unfortunately I can’t since I’m in the Philippines.

I wish they’d put the voltage specs on their products webpage so that we expats don’t get left out also.

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Send an eMail back to Support, ask if Wyze will pay return postage if it turns out not to be 120/220 v @ 50/60 Hz
I agree, you want to know what you are purchasing.

Here are the test results from FCC ID for the Wyze Lock Gateway.


Good Show @Brian! Like your style. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s a good confirmation as any. Thanks much Brian.

How do we get the same info for the rest of the products please? I don’t know the FCC ID for the vacuum or sprinkler controller.

Makes me feel better. Thank you

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You are the man Brian. Thanks to everyone and to you especially Brian for allaying my worries.

Now I can proceed with my purchases. Happy holidays everyone.

In case you wanted further evidence here is the lock gateway:

I wish wyze would educate their support group on the specs for their products… Or even better, post them on their product webpage. Thanks kjay

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Thanks kjay.

I wish wyze would educate their support group on the specs for their products… Or even better, post them on their product webpage.

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You should mark Brian’s post as the solution rather than this one.