Running a Wyze Cam v2 off battery/solar

Hi everyone

New to the forum, and from South Africa. We have Wyze Cam v2 here and they affordable compared to the other brands we have here, almost half the price!!

I can see that my Wyze Cam v2 is powered by 5V and 500mA.

Would the device be able to handle 6V battery? Will this damage the unit?

I want to use a 6V battery and solar panel, instead of running long cables.


6V may be a tad high. You can get something like this Step Down Transformer fairly cheaply though.

Upfront disclosure, I’m no electrician, and don’t claim to understand those intricacies.

But sometimes these things make no sense to me from an intuitive point of view.

I mean, don’t our house sockets all run on 120V? And we plug our cams directly into that without some converter and they work just fine on 120V.

“But that’s AC, and Batteries are DC”

Fair enough point, maybe that actually makes a big difference (I wouldn’t really know)…but what I do know is that people have posted about plugging their Wyze cams directly into their car DC plug or wired a special DC plug to the battery instead of the alternator (so it will run after the car turns off), and that’s all at 12V, and presumably they didn’t need a converter for that.

While not a Wyze cam, I plug things into my car DC sockets all the time that aren’t set for 12 volt, and have never had problems.

Regardless, I have been wondering about this, because I have an old solar powered electric fence device that uses/charges a 6V battery. I was considering converting this into a power source for a Wyze cam for my backyard, but wasn’t sure if I could just put in a DC outlet, or if I really needed a converter. Maybe better safe than sorry, but man, electricity can be ridiculously unintuitive and confusing.

In North America, yes the voltage coming from a wall receptacle is 120v AC.
The USB plug/adapter that came with your Wyze camera and phone convert that 120v AC (or 240v AC) to 5v DC.
The USB plug you use in your car converts 12v DC to 5v DC.
Wanna get more confused? Most home electronics that plug in to 120v / 240v wall outlets actually run on DC voltsge. A laptop, for example, is normally 18-20v. That big rectangular box in the power cord does the conversion. A TV has does it inside the TV.

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Thanks, that actually makes more sense. So, does that mean that I could connect something like this to my 6V battery:

Then use a normal DC to USB adapter like these:

and it will convert things okay to run my Wyze cam fine (and charge my phone while I’m in the backyard)? Because that was something I was planning to attempt as an experiment. lol

No, the Bralon USB adapter is rated for 12v-24v input, not 6v.
It’s cheaper and easier to use the adapter I originally recommended.

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A WyzeCam V2 draws about 330 mA from a 5VDC supply (I’ve measured it). When the LED illuminators are on, the load increases to around 430 mA.

Powering it from a 6V battery is a bit risky. An easy/cheap way to reduce the voltage a tad would be to put a diode in series, something like a 1N4001. The voltage drop across a diode is about 0.7V. That will reduce the 6V produced by the battery to 5.3V which should keep the cam happy.

However, note that the 6V from the battery is nominal. The voltage might rise a bit when it’s being charged from solar (or any other charging method). You might need two diodes in series to avoid frying the camera.

Hi @richardtheu and welcome to the community!

Yes, 6V would toast/damage the camera.
Less expensive 12V battery (2 x 6V) with a 1A USB automotive type plug in converter (about $10 US). There are so many 12V Solar Panels, regulators and charge controllers on the market.

Dear South Africa
I work maintenance my whole life for Johnson Controls Newell Rubbermaid and a few other top Fortune 500 company. Theoretically 5 V DC always equals 5 volts DC. If you listen to wise they tell you that the Cambridge you have to plug in with the Step Down Transformer power supplies will not work off of a 5 volt DC battery.
Damn near everything has a +/- percentage. Thats bc every manufacture is not the same. One company 5vdc could actually be 5.24vdc and anothers could be 4.75vdc. Now i know for a fact the wyze outdoor cams run just fine off 6vdc. Thats bc i use a large capacity battery that I got from an old battery operated car for kids. I charge them up once and they are still running and I think it’s two or three months later I still have not charged the batteries up yet.
Im waiting for my silicone outer covers for my indoor cams before I try hooking my batteries up tell them outside. As I stated before 5 volts DC is 5 volts DC no matter where you get it from. Now I’m naturally guessing your solar panel will be charging your 6 volt battery which in turn will be powering your V2 camera because a solar panel alone will not produce enough for the camera to run directly off of that unless you buy a large enough one.

Best of luck & keep us posted