Wyze Cam Pan not detecting motion, motion tracking, etc

My bad. Youre right again. It started recording the event in the cloud and sd.

Did your pan crashed on you? This is the 2nd time it crashes one me like rebooting by itself.

Mysticism! After I updated one of my cameras with an old firmware, the other one that also worked with firmware in motion detection mode! I am glad. It remains to try to upgrade the first camera to a modern firmware and look at the results.

I have a suspicion - when posting with support I provided a link to the post: Pan Cam (FW No motion detection, tracking or notifications (12-30-2019) - #8 by g.paul.roy1
Maybe they fixed something in that direction? Who has cameras with the latest firmware - check if motion recognition has worked?

Same happened here. Hope they could fix it soon. I bought Wyze Cam Pan just because of this function.

They had me do that too. Didn’t work for me.
Turning sensitivity to 100% also didn’t work for me.

Don’t know what happened… But both of the pan cams are now detecting motion after a reboot!! Firmware hasn’t changed, but after unplugging, and rebooting, green boxes all over…?? Great!!

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Hi all, we’re actively looking into this issue. If possible, I’d like to ask you a favor to test an internal test firmware version with extra log files and send me the log so we can find the root cause faster.
Here’s the instruction.

  1. Please manually flash it onto your Pan using the attachment firmware file. How to flash

  2. Make sure motion detection is turned on and try to trigger a motion event, try motion tracking and motion tagging and see if they work or not.

  3. If it’s not detecting motion, please send me an app log. Make sure you select the Pan cam when you select the device to send the log so that the firmware log is also attached. How to send logs

  4. Please cc me at ltan@wyze.com or let me know your ticket number so we can locate it in our system.


Hi. After the upgrade to version my pan camera is working - motion tracking and motion tagging is worked. Thanks for you help!

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Also have been having issues on several of mine. Love my Wyze cams and own many but don’t use for security due to issues such as this. Use them for non-critical situations, ie monitor things, .i.e. did we really lock the gate? Side note too lazy to go outside when weather isn’t good!

I use it all the time Tiny Cam Pro as my PVR basically…maybe time for you to add some Ram! Hehe. I can sell you some, no issues!

Sorry guys have a story but hit reply by mistake

I have two Cam Pans. One from early January has no issues at all. The 2nd from mid January, motion would not work. I’m was about to install the test firmware but I didn’t need to. It just started working after a reboot. I did try this many times before (rebooting) , as well as reinstall / reinstall but up until now it did not change anything. super glad it’s working now. These little Cams are great values for the money. I’ll be buying more. And by the way, I use mine out side with protective silicone covers. No issues. It was 2 degrees Fahrenheit this morning.

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Very strange, but I also have a cam pan (purchased in Dec) that I decided to install a few weeks ago and it did not detect, record & notify. I have 3 other pan cams that work fine. Reading through this post today and decided to reset the cam pan that was not working properly and out of the blue it started working…guess everyone should try and reset their cameras not working. Good luck!

I returned the original pan cam and received a new one with version and it worked fine except, of course, it was missing security updates and other features that came in later firmware versions. Finally, two days later, I gathered the courage to upgrade to and it works fine!

I am having the same issue on a pan cam I just installed, no alerts on motion or sound. My square ones work perfectly but not this one :frowning:

Hi. Installed a new camera Cam v.2. Updated it to firmware. In the morning (02.18.2020 07:09 Kyiv time) I changed the resolution from SD to HD, turned on the Detects Sound recording - noticed that detection motion stopped working on Cam v.2 (any movement is not indicatе by a green rectangle). Also, noticed that the detection motion stopped working on the Pan Cam camera with firmware. On the other Pan Cam camera with firmware the detection motion is work. I restarted the first two cameras - detection motion started working.

We have, among others, two (2) Wyze Cam Pans, running Firmware The motion detection and tagging are working on these units (motion tags show up and cameras follow motion), but we do not receive any motion (or sound) detection notifications.

One of the Pans is in a high traffic area, so we usually have the detection notifications turned off, but even when we turn them back on, no detection notifications are ever sent. The motion tagging is active and working on this unit. Just no notifications.

The other unit always has the detection notifications turned on. Yet we receive none. Once again, the motion tagging is alive and well. The Pan tracks motion just fine as well. But we get no notifications.

Both units are set to continuous recording. Does it have anything to do with it? However, our non-Pan WyzeCam v. 2 send detection notifications without any issue even on the continuous recording mode.

Any clue what may be happening to the missing notifications?


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I’m having the same issue. I have 3 cameras total and only one is working right. Like yours my detections setting are on and working. But it doesn’t pop up in the events section.
2 of my 3 are having this issue. It’s very very frustrating.
Spoke to people at Wyze about it and there is no fix. They had me do some trouble shooting steps. Delete then reset up device. Then they had me try a factory reset. No luck.

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Our second Cam Pan is brand-new, just very recently installed. After I posted the above note, I noticed that it did send out motion detection notices for the first time. Exactly what turned that on suddenly is not clear to me, but I want to be sure to let everyone know that this unit now appears to be sending out detection notifications as it should.

The other unit, the Cam Pan that we have had since August 2018, remains mute as far as notifications are concerned.

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So weird. Mine have been acting up for the last maybe 2 months

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