Wyze Cam Pan IR lights not working

My Wyze Cam Pan IR lights are not working. I have four other Wyze cams and the IR lights all work on those cameras, I know how to turn on and off the night mode and the IR lights as necessary.
The firmware is up to date.
Any suggestions?

In advanced setting make sure this is on also…

“Mode” is what you can control from the camera Livestream view but the lower toggle is only in the advanced menu and needs to be on also, think of it as a “master switch”. Kind of redundant, but it’s there and needs to be on :slight_smile:

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Night vision mode is on and night vision IR lights are toggled on.

Do you hear an audible click sound when you are physically near the camera and it switches from day to night? Does the camera picture change from color to black and white? Do the ir lights look purple if you look at then when they are supposed to be on? Trying to run down everything I can think of…

Have you gone through the trouble shoot help on the Wyze page? Support page

Yes you can hear it toggle from day to night and it does change from day to night, its just the IR lights that are not working, I can’t see the IR lights on as I can with the other wyze cams I have.
Wyze support stopped responding.

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