Wyze Cam Pan DEAD in less than a year

Purchased the Wyze Cam Pan on December 18, 2018 via Amazon. For months I have dealt with the weekly restarts & then it not reconnecting automatically and now it is completely DEAD. I don’t have any problems with any other devices including my Wyze Cam 2’s reconnecting or any other problems with them, I dealt with having to manually reconnect the Cam Pan weekly as I have seen many posts by others having the same problem. This time however the Cam Pan would not even turn back on. I have exhausted all options found on here as well as changing outlets, cables etc. and nothing brings it back to life. Now I am seeing that others had another similar problem that I also experienced which is the camera rotating on its own. I have not (yet) opened mine but others report the camera eventually pulls the internal cable leading from the USB port to the motherboard until it breaks. Not sure if this is what has happened to mine but something has killed it. To say the least I am not happy about the Cam Pan being dead in less than a year, it’s tuned out to be a waste of money and a waste of time each week dealing with manually reconnecting it. Seems like with all the issues people are having that something needs adjusted on the companies end.

@MJC I would report this to Wyze. The camera should still be under warranty if it’s less than a year old. You can Submit a Request to the Wyze support here.