Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 not catching wildlife events

For awhile ive suspected that the outdoor v2s are not catching events. Ive done all the basic troubleshooting, toyed with the sensitivity and detection settings, have them all on cam plus and despite all this was not getting any wildlife. They will catch vehicles coming into the driveway and my dogs but i havent seen any wildlife.
To confirm i just bought v4s and placed them in the same viewing area and caught ridiculous amounts of wildlife right off the bat while the outdoor cams still displayed nothing. Is this a known issue? When the v1s first came out they worked great (i used them to watch my beehives) but now im getting absolutely no wildlife events.

My WCO v1 cams have been recording critter for 3 years and eight months. Direction of movement for detection is important. The face of this cam is pointed in direction of the yellow line:

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They like your garbage better.

They haven’t gotten into any of the containers yet. That :raccoon: is eating a bone from a lamb chop I put out for him. :yum:

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