Wyze Cam Outdoor suddenly stop getting video connection

Connection reaches to the point “Getting video data… (3/3)” with the animation. But never establishes a connection. Tried force stopping the Wyze Andriod app. Came back with same results. Camera is set overseas. Can’t visit till a month or two. Any suggestions what I can attempt remotely? App says its still online. Wyze base says there is a two bar signal on the Cam. Pretty sure the solar panels should be getting a good amount of sun light. But I’m not sure I can trust the battery readings right now. The readings hasn’t changed for a few hours now.

Things I have tried.

  1. Force stop app.

  2. Remotely turning on/off Camera

  3. Syncing time

  4. Using different phones.

I’m also getting the same issue. This camera is garbage.