Wyze Cam Outdoor RTSP and Solar Panel Charging?

I put order in for Outdoor Camera. Question is still available to access Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)? Also, lots of progress has been made regarding battery, but i’d also like to run off solar charging. is this possible? thanks

It’s possible to run off solar charging but only with solar panels capable of pass-through charging. All others will turn off power to the camera when they start charging. Voltaic Systems is one such, there are others I’m sure.


Any idea if RTSP would work?

Because of the fact that RTSP support is rolled into a firmware package designed for the V2 it’s possible that some of the WCO capabilities would not work or it’s also possible that it may brick your WCO

Actually I believe the answer is that the WCO will probably NEVER support RTSP because it would mean the camera was always turned on (waiting for an RTSP stream request) and the batteries would quickly fail. There have been several threads.

It’s still theoretically feasible by leveraging the base station though.