RTSP on Outdoor Cam

I would like to see RTSP available on the outdoor cam

I would like to see RSTP firmware for the WCO


Since my WODC refuses to send anything to the micro sad card within and the one I have installed in its base are only the 12 sec event recordings.
It would be great if Wyze could integrate rtsp or ftp and allow up to 5 min continuous record as long as motion is present and then dump tp an ftp server. I need to capture longer video.


Please either integrate RTSP on outdoor cam or allow some type of integration with home assistant.


I second support for full RTSP and Home Assistant. I would love to convert entire system to Wyze if it would work with Home Assistant.

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I Third this!! Give us HA Integration!!!

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Multi Cam user >> Please !!! Need in Home Assistant

Did you find a solution to integrated with Home Assistant?

Did you find RTSP firmware update for Wyze outdoor camera?

Still waiting for RTSP

Is it true if you switch this feature you are going to lose all Wyse app features including their internet access?
I red also that if we do firmware update they are not going to support it except security features.


A. As noted it does not exist for the Wyze Cam Outdoor model and probably never will.

B. It is expected for the Wyze Cam V3 indoor/outdoor model soon.

C. False, it will probably include all regular Wyze app features.

D. Yes and no, if they follow the pattern they established with the RTSP firmware for the Wyze Cam V2, it will be unsupported, whether for security OR anything else. Don’t expect ANY updates.

E. 3rd party firmware exists for V2 and Pan Cam (Dafang Hacks). That firmware loses all regular Wyze app features. It does NOT exist on a version for WCO or the V3 as far as I know.

I’m not sure why you don’t think RTSP will probably never be available for the Outdoor Cam. I sent an email to Wyze support and was told they’re looking into it. I want to be able to use the wireless Outdoor cam to live stream to YouTube. I hope they make a firmware upgrade available like they do for the wired v2 and Pan models.

The fact that it’s a battery based camera makes using RSTP impossible, unless you like charging the battery on the thing every day. RSTP is a continuous running stream which requires it be on and running. The only way they are getting away with it now is having the low power PIR built in to turn the camera on if the PIR sees motion.

Better solution would net a dir path set with an interval time or motion sensed and have it save a jpeg to that directory. Then I would imagine it would be pretty easy to show in HA as a picture element or something. Could go farther with fhe HACS integration that’s out now. Probably the closest thing we’ll ever get what we want, pay an outside programmmer to do it.

Because the only reasonable way to do it requires a feat of engineering they’re not prepared to do. It would require that the base act as an always on RTSP server and transparently wake the camera on demand. It is never going to happen.

They were humoring you. Or lying.


They will not. Not ever.

Do yourself a favor and just use a V3 (if/when they deliver the promised RTSP support), or a V2, or some other brand that can provide the feature you need. No reason to wait in vain for something that makes no sense for an old product.

When can we expect to have the Wyze CAM outdoor able to be flashed with RTSP feature. There is little support answering the question and is a feature I would like to have for sure? thank you?


I work from home and have multiple cameras from multiple brands.

I am currently using Xeoma and have used Cam Viewer to view all of my cameras simultaneously on my PC (windows 10).

1 of the cam is the Wyze Camera v2 which is using the RTSP firmware.

loving it, please create one for the outdoor cam as well if not for all of your cameras.

much thanks.

Unfortunately I will be returning the outdoor camera since I am not able to stream it live on my computer.

But the camera is a great model regardless.

Thanks again.

I really would like to see my Wyze Cam Outdoor live images on my home computer. Can you please allow the Wyze Cam Outdoor to be RTSP-enabled?

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Looking for ability to support RTSP with Outdoor Cam

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