Wyze Cam Outdoor range2

Does anyone know the maximum instalation distance between the base station and a Wyze CAM outdoor? I have a pretty big yard.

I have a colleague who installed one 300 ft away from the base station. I will post images

Here it is

A colleague of mine purchased 3 WCO’s. He added one to his network and it did not perform to well, at the distance he was trying to go. He then added a TPLink Ethernet over Power to the Upper Level of his House - Right side in the attached Picture and Voila, it connects and holds a signal. Because of the one, he tried to see how far he could go, he put another 300 ft from the house and it connects and streams without hesitation. Impressive and a testament to the WCO’s. Here are some Pictures of where he has one of the Cameras:

Look at the Bottom of the Picture, the X is where the Camera is 300 ft.

The Base is in the Second floor right side of the house. The Tree is blocking where it is

Signal Strength of the Cameras he has installed. Two if them are closer to the house.

This is the TPLink Ethernet over Power Adapters - 2Gig.


Wow! Thank you and so cool. Is the TP Link a range extender? I am not that tech savvy.

Yes. There are 2 devices. One is near the router or where an Ethernet connection is so that it can be connected to your network and then use the power lines to transmit the signal. The second takes the signal and makes it available anywhere in the house.

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Please note, the distance is predicated on the interference between the base and where the camera is. Number of walls, type of walls etc. My Colleague put the base near or in an upstairs window.

I assume that the base needs to be connected via ethernet cable to the second device since the base has it’s own Wi-Fi Signal? Looks like a good idea to me.

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The base is connected via an Ethernet cable. I am not sure if the ones he has are WiFi, but I do know they have some

I have good signals all around my house but the signal outdoors is the back yard is a little weaker than elsewhere because my current wi-fi signal goes through 4 walls one of which has the house electrical panel in it directly across from the router. I might look into the idea and move the base one room back and connect it with a short ethernet cable. Thanks for the info.

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I have always had great luck with the TP-Link Ethernet over Power Adapters - the 2Gig ones. Have not used the others.

Apparently, putting the base up higher in the house aided in the distance and putting it near a window made a huge difference as well. He finally tested to see how far before it started to glitch or experience issues, he got to 315 feet and that was his max distance.

I would like to go just another 20 feet. :joy:

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These would definitely help. :slight_smile: