Wyze Cam Outdoor problem and question

My cam outdoors quit connecting. It is out of warranty and since this was my second camera failure (the first was resolved by a warranty replacement), I was becoming concerned about my purchase choice.

I did some troubleshooting and changed my expired Cam Plus to another camera. That didn’t help. I had this camera in a group and removed to from the group. That didn’t help. I then deleted the group and now the camera connects.

My question is in regards to the USB port on the side of the base station. Is it to physically connect a camera or for Wyze use only?

You can use the USB on the base station to charge the outdoor cam.

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So it doesn’t provide a camera connection, just charging.



Couple of question:

  • have you unplugged your base station from the wall waited for a bit and then plug the power back in? This will allow the Base Station to reset which could allow the Camera to connect to it.

  • After you try the step above, I would bring the Camera in the house turn it off, via the power switch, wait for a bit and then turn it back on and see if it connects.

  • on the back of the camera, is the light flashing in any color or sequence? or is it a steady blue color?

The USB is for charging up a camera,or use it for a V2,V3 Camera for power just go test it out and have fun…