Can I use a substitute cable to charge the Outdoor Cam?

I have the original cable… somewhere. But my cam is out of juice. Can I use a phone USB cable to charge the outdoor cam? What, precisely, can I use as a substitute?


Yes, any cable will do, nothing special about the Wyze cable

A Cable with a Micro USB End on it is needed to connect to the camera. If the other end is a regular USB (USB-A) you can then plug it into your Base Station for charging. I don’t use the cable that came with the camera.

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Disappointing they didn’t use USB-C, as they did with the night lights. Perhaps with version 2.


Totally Artificial Beverage, mmmmmmm.

At least for the final years it didn’t live up to the inspiration for its name, as the third ingredient (after carbonated water and caramel coloring) was “natural flavors”. :thinking:

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I’ve never understood the use of “natural, organic, artificial, genuine”. Everything from rocks to styrofoam is “of earth”. I didn’t intend to mean either styrofoam (not good for earth) or rocks are edible, but the both originated here. What are we going to use to distinguish earth-borne material from “stuff” from an alien world?