Wyze Cam Outdoor Permanent Livestream

I have a Wyze Cam Outdoor placed indoors monitoring outdoors. From use it’s not picking up any Events in motion, unless I have it in Livestream mode. It’s inconvenient to have Livestream on my phone permanently so an option to have it on permanently or not would be beneficial.
Then I could look at my Events when notified of them. Wyze Cam 3 has this feature of “constant on” if required.
Currently use Scheduled Recording from time to time with Cam Plus but this can be tedious and can be forgotten.
I don’t have any battery issues as I have permanent power attached to the camera from the Base Station

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The WCO relies on a heat sensing PIR detector and probably can’t detect motion through your window. It’s not meant for that.


Works through the window and records Events once it’s set up for Scheduled Recording

To save battery the WCO goes into a deep sleep state, where the camera and radio are off. The only way to wake it up is by the app or if the PIR sensor detects motion. PIR uses heat to detect animals and people, but it does not work through a window. The reason your seeing it working during scheduled recording is because the camera is awake at that time (recording) and is then able to see motion through its camera.

Is there a reason you need to have it inside? The WCO is meant to be outside, not inside.

If you want it to be inside the Cam v3 is much better fit for you, but you can also put that one outside if you have power.

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