Wyze Cam Outdoor pairing error

I have a Wyzecam Outdoor that I had precious paired with the base station. I was having connectivity issues and thought I’d delete it from the app and start over. Unfortunately now I can’t get the camera to pair with the base station anymore. Any suggestions?

Is your base plugged into the ethernet or did you change it to Wi-Fi ?. Connect the base to the ethernet, pull the power and leave it off for a few minutes. Also manually turn off the power switch on the cam and turn it on when when base has a solid blue light after you plug it back in and finishes setting up and see if that works. I suggest you have the cam close to the base when you turn it back on and make sure the base is connected to the 2.4 network.

It is plugged into ethernet. I had switched to wifi when everything quit connecting (and I deleted the cam config) and then went back to ethernet. I did as you suggested and waited until the base was back online, but I still can’t get the camera to pair with it.

I have a second outdoor cam connected to this base that I did not delete when I was having connectivity issues and it works fine.

What does the camera do when you turn it on, does it just blink yellow, yellow- blue, blue or nothing?
Since you changed a bunch of stuff around is you phone/device you used for set up on the 2.4 network??

blinks yellow. yes, the base is using the ethernet connection.

Blinks yellow says it is trying to pair to the base. I know that you said base is connected to the ethernet. I was talking about your phone or what ever device you used to set up the cam the first time if that was on the 2.4 network while you are trying to add the cam again, Just a thought??/
I have deleted everything, base and 4 cams before and set them up again without issue so I don’t know what else I can help with. Start a support ticket and try to call support on their dime. 1-844-999-3226
M-F 5 AM to 6 PM.