Wyze Cam Outdoor - Base Station should be sold separately

Thanks for letting me know. No sense me buying one now.

Always check ebay.

Same thing just happened to me. I have 4 outdoor cameras and do not need another.
Base station replacement just failed and original purchase warranty is expired. Wyze is forcing me to purchase another camera in order to continue to use my cameras… I always liked Wyze products and Customer service… Has me thinking about going back to Arlo or now days alot of newer companys…


This is an absolute atrocity. Wyze telling me I can’t replace a base station - I"m offering to [Mod Edit]
pay for it and they just say “sorry, you’re out of luck, you can no longer use your 4x cameras.”

Been a loyal customer - own nearly everything - and this is the last straw. What a horrible experience.

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Agree WYZE seems to be deliberately vengeful about the issue. They simply say “Cop that”


WYZE - please explain this. You have base stations. Why do you not make them available for sale??!

Go on. I’m waiting.


Yeah, I have a defunct base station for the v1 outdoor cams and I don’t want to have to buy a starter kit. I don’t need another outdoor camera.



There are no current auctions on eBay for just the base station, but there are several Buy It Now with the camera and base selling for around $50.00

I have the same issue. AND theres nothing they can or will do. It seems to be a ploy to get you to buy more cameras. I have zero need for any more cams at the moment, so i guess im foced to purchase the bundle.


Unfortunately i had the same issue, so i had to break down and buy a new one with the extra cam. However, when you have one under warranty, theyll be happy to send you just a base station.

I have an older house and bought the 4 camera pack. Due to the plaster blocking their weak signal I need a 2nd base station and not a 5th camera.

Selling the base station alone should have been a simple idea for the sales teams.


we’re going on 14 months of requesting base stations be sold separately. I guess it’s time to move on to another company. I have 9 wyze cameras a doorbell and a few base stations. I guess it’s time to go on ebay.

I have the same problem,
I am done with Wyze,
Wyse cameras are garbage.
my base station stop working after updates that they sent, I don’t need cameras to replace my base station

That’s exactly what happened to me, the base stopped working after an update. Ironically after I bought another on eBay - the original started working again. Still no excuse, the base stations should be sold separately.

I hate to repeat what you all are reporting but perhaps the constant pressure will eventually change Wyze policy on selling the base stations? I got a response from Wyze support suggesting I try retailers for this. Anyone had any luck there (besides ebay, of course)?

Nope, zero availability at retailers far as I can tell. My cameras are paperweights.


Make sure that it has not be registered. You can’t use it. I bought one from ebay and it’s no good. Had to return it.

Allow purchase of Base separately

Allowing people to purchase the Base separately. For a number of reasons this would be useful… Base gets lost or stolen, base no longer functions and is outside of warranty, bought enough cameras in a bundle for multiple locations but just need a base, etc.
This is essential to customer satisfaction. Having to buy a new camera with a base every time is taking advantage viewed as taking advantage of customers by giving them no other option but to buy another camera.
Also, the process for getting a replacement for a Base when it has stopped working through Wyze warranty or gift card is a time consuming/inconvenient process for the customer (have to call customer service during business hrs, sit on the phone with someone who asked you to do the same things you’ve already done to fix it, fill out a form, send a picture, wait for response, wait for your base to arrive or potentially have your request be rejected). All the while not being able to utilize the Wyze cam service.

I’d rather have an option to skip those steps and purchase a new base if time is more important than waiting a replacement.