Can the base station for outdoor cam be purchased separately?

Sorry - struggling to get any responses thru site.

@jabgood Welcome to the Wyze community! :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, the base station is not sold separately at this time.

It only comes with the Outdoor Starter Bundle.

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Thanks. Nice to get an answer. Shouldn’t order something when under others stresses.

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I’m curious, why would you want to order a base without a cam? You must have more than one cam already and are planning to set at least one up in a different location or something?

Sorry. I did not read all the info before I placed an order. Too impulsive at the time when I was stressed about another issue. I now have a camera, but no base. Not sure I want to buy another package with a base. Thanks for responding.

Ah, yeah I can see how that could happen when in a rush an not reading everything. Hmm, based on my personal experience with support WYZE is a pretty cool company. If you call support they just might hook you up with a way to obtain a base. It’s worth a shot anyway…

You could always return the one you have as well, but I think you’ll be stuck paying for the return shipping.

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