Wyze cam outage?

I noticed 5 of my 6 cams went out last evening via the app. Today they are all back up but 2. It’s not the WiFi. I am using it now to type this message and our smart TVs are also working fine in the same spaces. I’ve power cycled both cameras 3 times spacing them out a couple of hours. They all have the most recent firmware. Was there another update issued overnight that somehow has affected 2 of the cameras? Seems coincidental but I am not the techie expert.

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I’m not aware of anything overnight that happened and none of my 5 cameras were dropped when I got up this morning. I would just reboot the 2 that haven’t come back and see if that helps. Probably a hard reboot by unplugging/replugging it.

I uninstalled and reinstalled and they are now back online.

@raym64 I did that many times before I finally removed them and reloaded them to the app.