Wyze Cam OG?


Certainly a quick release after the founders letter. Wonder if that’s a reason for the sale price on the V3s?

Amazon Listing:

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Unless the “og” has a mandatory updated Starlight sensor (full color night vision sony starlight without needing some gimmicky spotlight or ir lights) and a minimum of 140° fov, I am not buying it yet.
To the people at Wyze, don’t go backwards in technology. (The v3pro was backwards from the regular v3, as example.)

Also, as of January 4th 2023 the “og” amazon listing is not working currently.


And I don’t see it listed on the HD website.

Introducing Wyze Cam OG. The industry shattering Wyze Cam that catapulted the company into 6 million households today, is back and better than ever. We’ve upgraded everything that matters most. Load live HD video 50% faster than our best-selling Wyze Cam v3 so you never miss a moment. See in full color, even in the darkest of nights with our stunning clear 1080p Color Night Vision. Speak and hear with enhanced clarity through an upgraded speaker and microphone system. Confidently mount outdoors in rain or snow with a hardened IP65 weatherproof rating. Connect and mount a second Wyze Cam OG on top of one another to get a wider field of view, or zoom in 3X with Wyze Cam OG Telephoto (sold separately) and view them from one screen in the Wyze app with picture-in-picture (PIP), just tap to pop in and out of either camera. Included with Wyze Cam OG is a 360° non-slip tabletop stand with a quick-connect wall mounting system that takes less than 60 seconds to complete.

Fast, Reliable, HD Video Streaming: Wyze Cam OG shines where it matters most. We’ve upgraded chipset to load video streams 50% faster than our best-selling Wyze Cam v3. No more waiting for loading screens. See what matters, instantly.

Picture-in-Picture Viewing: Mount and connect a second Wyze Cam OG (wide angle or telephoto) and see even more than before, all from the same screen. Connecting Wyze Cam OG Telephoto lets you see at a 3X zoom, so you can take a closer look at what matters most.

Enhanced Two-Way Audio: Speak with anyone through the Wyze app and hear with greater clarity through an upgraded microphone and speaker system.

Stand and wall mount included: Perfect for tabletops, bedsides, and everywhere in between. Wyze Cam OG includes a non-slip, non-stick stand, perfect for placing anywhere. A mounting kit with screws and quick-connect system is also included for fast, easy mounting, indoors or out.

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When will the wyze cam og software be released so I can use my camera? I couldn’t believe that after buying this camera I would find out I can’t even use it until the software is released. Why would wyze even sell it if it can’t be used yet?


It’s the Whyze Way, Profit over Function & Quality :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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@2022inglett The OG is in development and was not supposed to be sold by HD yet. This was their mistake. having released it too soon. That said, we expect the official product release will happen fairly soon and will have Wyze app support at that time.


LOL, like Home Depot has never done that before… :rofl: :upside_down_face: :rofl: :upside_down_face:

The Floodlight V3 unit was introduced the same way, Home Depot made available too soon and Wyze should of learned from that…


Just received an email from Wyze regarding new camera announcement next week…OG?


Hopefully! Sucks that this camera I just bought is basically a paperweight until they release something.

You are actually in a good position! You can be the very first in the nation to start a new thread and review the new cam! :grin::clap: Everyone else will be waiting on theirs to be shipped or waiting on your review to order.


I did say “fairly soon”. :wink:


Did anyone figured out what OG stands for?

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OriGinater lol. I know slang terms it means original gangster.



Interesting. These are not anywhere near compelling enough features to make me want to upgrade any of my V3’s. Same sensor and resolution? Really?! My V3’s already have the spotlight attached. Not complaining to complain, but looking at the marketing and hype, I was actually anticipating wanting to upgrade some of these cameras…

This is just a really strange model to fit into the current lineup, especially after the pro was just released.

there’s a new telephoto lense

Gadgetnutz accidentally published an advance article on the Wyze Cam OG yesterday, then pulled it down, but you can still read the cached version.

As it turns out, there are two OG cameras coming tomorrow: the OG, and the OG Telephoto (3X fixed optical zoom). Apparently they can be stacked together to provide a zoomed picture-in-picture. It is a significant innovation for a budget camera to provide optical zoom, and even more so to come up with a way to combine the zoomed image with the wide angle image at Wyze’s price point.

I’m also curious about the “wired” labeling for the camera. Does that mean that the Wyze Cam OG is adopting some sort of system similar to PoE (power over Ethernet), with power and data over the same cable? Because if so, that would provide another jump in video performance (higher bandwidth, fewer compression artifacts). The question is how it would be plugged into your home network.

So I can see how the OG would fit into the product line. Get a v3 or a Pan v3 if all you care about is WiFi connectivity, and want something very simple and quick to install. But if you want optical zoom and improved video, buy the OG and OG Telephoto.

I’m definitely looking forward to Wyze’s formal announcement tomorrow.