Wyze Cam OG - Notification Cool Down period

Is there a way to have a notifcation cool down period, it does not make sense to have a notification every other second for the same camera.

No. There is no variable cooldown for wired Cams on Cam Plus.

Your only setting to decrease the frequency of activations, uploads, and notifications is to decrease the sensitivity.

There is, however, a way to accomplish this thru Rules and the use of a Wyze Plug. There isn’t anything plugged into the plug, but it is unique in that it does have a timer function within Wyze Rules and is also an excellent Rules Triggers mechanism.

  • Rule 1: when Cam A detects Motion, turn on Wyze Plug for (1, 2, 3…) minutes (cooldown period)

  • Rule 2: When Wyze Plug turns on, turn off Cam A notifications.

  • Rule 3: When Wyze Plug turns off, turn on Cam A notifications.

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This is a lot of steps for a simple task of having a cool down on notifications, plus this requires that I have a wyze plug. Also decreasing sensitivity defeats the purpose of having the camera there in the first place, my car was broken into so i want to be notified as soon as possible to have adequate reaction time. I have two other wyze outdoor cams and the front doorbell, this solution would mean that i need 3 wyze plugs and lots of Rules to get cooldown functionality. The wyze engineers should be able to implement this feature in their future releases and should not be up to the customer to go through hoops to make this happend.

No argument from me that it is a lot of steps, requires extra equipment, and decreasing sensitivity affects upload freequency.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor, because it is a battery operated cam, does have a variable cooldown period to conserve battery. However it restricts uploads during the cooldown, not just the notifications. Wired cams don’t have a need for battery conservation so there isn’t a need for a cooldown to limit uploads.

I was just telling you the function isn’t available but, if you wanted a solution now, there is a way to make it do it.

Perhaps you should tell them that then and submit a Wishlist request for the feature. I am a Wyze user just like you, not a Wyze employee.

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There is a delicate balance between event recording and notifications.
For example, I have created a rule that when I am inside my house, I do not want any notifications except on one camera covering the driveway. When I arrive, the notifications go nuts, so I click the rule button to turn off notifications. When i leave town, i click another rule I created to turn notifications back on. The event recording still takes place, but the notifications stop while I’m there.
Not exactly the answer you’re hoping for, but with 26 cameras at 4 properties, you need to be sure not to get too many notifications.
In your situation where you want it to record and send you notifications when it sees someone every time, you’re going to get a lot of alerts.
With the cam plus, you could turn off notifications unless it was a person, for example. You don’t want ‘motion’ alerts - you’ll get hundreds.
But if it is in a garage, and you come and go from the garage every day, you can have it alert you when you get into the car and leave and when you get home and tune the notifications out, but when you enter the house if you get a notification you will know someone is in your garage looking at your car.

If you are looking for ways to scare away criminals, you could add a light to the camera, get a camera with a light built in, or add a smart bulb or two in your garage. When the camera detects someone, you can set a rule to turn on the lights or blink them on and off or change their colors a few times or something to scare them. It will annoy you when you go in and out, but that’s an option. Don’t have a bulb? Get a wyze outdoor plug and plug in an old lamp you have with a normal incandescent bulb.

Even if you could delay/cool down the notifications by 20 seconds, you would still get the first notification when you come and go from the garage in your car, but the second notification will be 20 seconds later.

I don’t know of a complete solution you are looking for from a $20 camera. My garage I had 8 pan and scan v1 cameras in it. excessive? Sure. But I captured every angle. I was protecting my classic muscle cars, RVs, boat, motorcycles. When I came in there were 4 alerts immediately and they kind of didn’t stop while I was there - just mute the phone - but when I left the garage, if I ever got an alert, I knew something was up.


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