Wyze Cam notifications needs local support!

I just got a wyze cam yesterday, so I apologize if I am mistaken and can’t figure things out. Can someone at Wyze please explain why local storage recordings have no notification options? Will this be implemented?

Why are all notifications, alarms, and device trigger rules dependent on cloud based event recording?

As soon as a local event triggers a local recording, it should immediately communicate to the wyze server to send gcm/apple notifications to the account devices without the lag of uploading/processing cloud video. Plus notifications wouldn’t be limited to 1 every 5 minutes because that’s the wyze cloud storage limitation, not a gcm/apple notifications limit. It makes no sense.

Plus this design makes the settings UI pretty confusing, as there’s no indication that Event Recording, Notifications, Detection Settings, and Alarm Settings are only for cloud based recordings. When someone sets up a micro SD card to “Record events only”, how are they supposed to know the Event Recording options are not applicable to that function of the camera? Especially since there’s no events type options in the local storage section to specify the type of event (motion or sound).

I’d appreciate any info regarding these topics, thanks

Welcome to the community, @TechJunkie. This is primarily a user-to-user community, and questions asked on this forum are usually answered by community members. I would urge you to check out Wyze Support Articles as well. :slight_smile: