Wyze Cam Motion Detection No Longer free?

So just got a notice asking if I wanted to extend my free trial of Motion Detection. Guess the motion detection isn’t going to be free?

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Hello @systemphreaker and welcome to the community.

Motion detection is free, it records a 12-second video with a 5-minute cool down.

There is an add on service called CMC (Complete Motion Capture). This eliminates the video stopping at 12 seconds and eliminates the 5 minute cool down. This is 1.49 per month per cam. You probably had a free trial of CMC and it is asking if you want to continue with it.



Complete motion capture was always a free trial and then $1.50 a month. They never hid the fact that was how they were running it. If you want free continuous recording you can put an SD card in your camera and it will record continuously and just override itself as it gets to the end of the card.