Wyze CAM issue: Blue'ish live stream screen


Has anyone experienced a blue’ish live stream screen?

I have just purchased a couple of Wyze CAMs and this particular one (straight out-of-the-box) displays a blue’ish screen.

Is this faulty or something? Should it be RMA’ed?

Anyone? Thank you.

In comparison to a normal screen which the two CAMs are placed side-by-side:

The good one that is placed next to the “blue’ish screen” one:

That looks like a possible replacement case.

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Like DPR wrote - Start a replacement ticket, I’d do it from the camera, include a log and picture. Then follow it up through the link DPR provided.

Thanks for the replies guys.

For some reasons, this blue’ish video issue has gone away after I powered it down, brought home from the office, re-powered up and used.

I did do a number of re-power cycles in the office earlier however it did not help. Strange.