Wyze cam in the Car

I have noticed two issues of using a wyze cam v2, or v3 in a vehicle.

If the power supplied is when vehicle is running and removed when it is shut off the following exists:

  1. When car is shut off it loses the last minute of video.
  2. incorrect time if access point cannot be found at start up.

enable the use of a battery powered usb A rtc with an otg cable?
a capacitive temp power source (micro usb inline) that can issue a “write buffer” during a crash or shutdown
“in vehicle” tab in software to write buffer every 15 seconds.
accelerometer that when stopped auto writes to buffer say as fast as it can.

I do understand high temps can be reached inside vehicles in certain climates that are less then optimal from a safety perspective but I’m looking at the climates where that isn’t an issue

And this may cause security issues.

Perhaps a DIY functionality that is “At your own Risk?”

I’ve run multiple Wyze cameras in my pickup for years. I have them plugged into a power source that is always on. They connect to WiFi when I’m at home, and sometimes when I am at work (depends on where I park). I have a cigarette lighter to quad USB-A adapter that the cameras plug into.
I have run V2, V3, and V3 Pro cameras at various times. Currently have a V3 Pro facing forward, a V2 pointed at the driver, and will have a V3 pointed rearward.

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If you look on your Wyze SDcard, you see that the videos are stored like in one minute files, so it would need that last bit of time to finish writing that last file I would guess.

One of those battery banks can last a pretty long time. I have one that will drive a V3 for about 8 hours. I use that magnetic disk to attach it to my robot lawnmower and watch the video while it drives around my yard!

Yes, I know. Since I keep the cameras powered 24x7, that’s not much of an issue.