Wyze Cam Go - Purple colour - trouble

Bought 2 pcs. Wyze Cam Go (total package) which I received yesterday.
One camera sometimes shows wrong colors, (see attached pictures)

Wifi signal : OK
Firmware: 1.0.63
Plugin version: 2.43.01

What causes this?

Normally that is caused by the camera Not fully out of night vision. To correct this, simply live stream the camera, then go through the Night Vision modes. This is found by clicking on the gear at the top right, then select Advance settings, then under Night Vision Mode, simply cycle through Auto / On / Off.

This should fix your issue


This happens to me if I accidentally drop the cam while repositioning it, and it gets a good jolt. It has always fixed itself with one or two reboots. I think it might be the connection in the back that gets jostled or yanked, and the RGB wires are disturbed. But I don’t know really, it’s just my experience.

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It’s not the RGB wiring, but rather the IR filter that is inserted when in night mode. This is a mechanical optical filter that changes the response when the camera is in night mode.


Ah, ok thanks for that info! Good to know for next time if it ever happens again.

I drove around with the protective film on my dash cam for a week. :upside_down_face:

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