Wyze Cam Floodlight (model WYZEC3FL) emits a small amount of radio frequency and interrupts my ability to use my garage door opener

I installed the cam/floodlight combo above my garage overlooking my driveway and immediately had issues opening my garage door with my garage door opener in both of my vehicles. Essentially, the cam emits a small amount of radio frequency that is low enough to be compliant but still enough to interrupt my garage door and the openers. I don’t have a garage door controller, just the old fashioned Chamberlain opener.

I have:

  1. Tested this by powering down the camera/light and trying the openers. They work fine
  2. Rebooted everything. Doesn’t work
  3. Updated the firmware on all items. This probably won’t fix the engineering of the camera and its radio frequency emission

And lastly, I bought some THHN wire and extended the receiver from my garage door inside my garage to see if exposing it outside will help. That didn’t.

I can’t move the floodlight/cam due to the power being already wired there (and a mounting plate being installed)