Interference with garage door opener

Just installed the spotlight and camera and it appears to be interfering with my garage door opener. It seems to be blocking reception from the home link system from my car. I need to pull the car very close to the house to get it to respond. Previously it worked from
30-40 ft away. Anyone having this issue?

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Yes its the camera

Any suggestions?

Nope we just live with it,you can try a wifi plug and turn it off

There are some things you can do. The first and foremost is move the camera away from the GDO.

If you must leave the camera near the GDO, keep it away from the GDO’s antenna.

If all else fails, shield the camera power cables. The camera emits a small amount of RF that passes the EMI specs, but is particularly sensitive by GDO receivers if in close proximity.

Just in case you didn’t know, you can try this. Unscrew the light bulb in your GDO and see if your spotlight issue has improved.

Sometimes we forget that LED lights installed in GDOs will interfere with 2.4 WiFi signal. Maybe you have been using a LED in the GDO and forgot. Worth a check. Won’t take but minute. There are GDO LED Light bulbs sold on Amazon to arrest the WiFi interference issue.