Wyze Cam "Events" Video -- lost on all cameras from March 7th, and earlier dates

Wyze Cam “Events” Video –
lost on all cameras

On Feb 7th, and Prior dates
( up to the 14 day event history)

On Feb 8th date and on,
there is video history on all Wyze Cams

There was recent Wyze App update on Wednesday the Feb 7th,
and suspect this is what is causing the issue.

As I had no problem viewing Event videos from Wyze cams 2 weeks ago.

For whatever it’s worth, I just looked at event videos from 30 January on several different camera types. No problems at all.

Thanks for reading my post, and providing your feedback.

All video is lost on all 8 cams, from Feb 7rth, and prior.
This is the same day the Wyze Update was released. ( and installed, as I keep everything up to date)

Makes no sense that all 8 cams the SIM card video data cannot be accessed ( as if there is non video data on all 8 cam SIMS, as every cam I receive " No Video at the Selected Time" for Feb 7th, and earlier.

Days/Weeks prior to the Wyze update on Feb 7th, I had no problem access any video data storege on all the 8 cams.

I no longer have the paid Wzye Cam Service for some months, but when I noticed this happening today, it made me think maybe they are trying to push people to sign up for the service again.

But one should still be able to access the SIM video data recorded to the Cam SIM card.

Terminology here. It’s a micro Secure Digital card (commonly written uSD) not a SIM card. Different animal. The micro refers to the physical size (currently there are three sizes of SD cards.

I think you mean uSD card/Micro SD card and not SIM cards. What are you using to try playback. On a V3 camera you need to open the camera to live view or an event on the events page and tap playback.
I don’t have an OG cam but on the V3 Pro you have to open the cam and tap the SD card icon or on an event from the events page then tap the SD icon. I have 128GB cards and 256GB cards and the have many old videos still on the uSD cards in all the cameras. Recording to the card in the camera has nothing to do with cam plus or cam plus lite.

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Yes, thanks I am aware, I generallized with my words, overall it is still a sim card, no matter the format/size of the card.

Thanks very well aware of how to use the app.
It it my mistake that I generallized my words on the mem card and not using the exact term of microSD card. The terminology seems to be throwing eveyone off. Just a note, microSD cards, are still SIM cards all size cards are still considered SIM cards.

Overall I am getting away from the main issue, on why I had posted about the issue since the Wyze app update.

“”" Recording to the card in the camera has nothing to do with cam plus or cam plus lite. “”“”"

Yes, I am aware on how things operate in the past/prior. Since the Wzye Update, I was thinking that Wyze may have changed something with their Feb 7th update, as ANY update can change how devices operate or store OR not store data locally, or on the cloud. All my CAM’s dont have access to video data ( recorded to the microSD card) from Feb 7th, and prior.

8 Cam microSD cards, don’t all stop recording data at the same time, and there is nothing wrong with my network as I have 6 machines runnning fine, and the network is running fine, also the cams even show images for the times it detected movement, just no access to the video data recorded on the microSD cards on all 8 cam’s.

So clearly its the software update, as it started the same day as the software update.
And there was nothing wrong prior, since I have had the cams install for the last few years.

The only software update I know of on 7 February was an app update. I am using iOS.
I have four V3 cams, one V3 Pro, and four version one battery powered WCO, all with micro SD cards and all playback just fine. Maybe it is an app bug ? but it did not effect anything I am using.

That the update I was speaking of, the Feb 7th release. As you had mentioned it was only the app, and not firmware updates. Overall it just very strange that the Feb 7th release coicides with all 8 cams not being able to view microSD card footage, as if there is nothing there, BUT the cams do ID with pics that it ID’d movement, it is as if the video footage captured lost its link/associations of the Movement Images it captured. Not going to bury myself in this, as the cameras are all working, this was the only issue, of lost video capture on all 8 cams microSD’s…Thnking about it more, The app update in my mind, could cause lost links with the video footage stored on the microSD cards, since it is the app that finds/links to what is on the microSD cards…Either way, I think I willl just drop this post, and move forward as the cams are working after Feb 7th. and still recording footage for movement events…Just dont understand what could have caused the Feb 7th lost footage/capture on all my 8 cams…Thank you for the feedback/ thoughts you have provided. :+1:

CAM+, I think, has a 14 day history. The microSD cards history corresponds to the size of the microSD card when recording “continuously”.

My microSD cards also do not show history from over 4 days ago… but that is prolly cuz I’m using 32GB cards, which is overwriting the oldest files.

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You will have a 14 days history on the microSD no matter if you signed up for Wyze CamPlus or not.

All my V2, V3, OC cams have had a 14 day history. and this is without signing up for any service, all have 32 Gig microSD cards.

That’s not quite correct. You will have recordings based on storage space on the uSD card. The larger the card, the longer it will record before recordings are overwritten. And the big difference is if the uSD card is recording events only or continuously. I just looked at one of my V2 cameras with a 64GB card and the oldest recording is 6 days, 20 hours old (recording continuously)…

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I would presume that would be the case if one is recording continuously, but if one is recording only motion detected events, it would reach the 14 day limit. Also the camera resolution settings would make a difference also,. High Def, would eat up more storage compared to SD, or 360 Definition.

In that case it will likely last months.

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Those are the settings I have on most of my Cam’s

Never had any problems with NOT reaching the 14 day history on all cams, and High Def settings on 3 of the 8 cams.

This is what made me think it had something to do with the latest update, and the fact it happened on the same day the update was released.