Wyze cam black won't update wyze Car firmware after several attempts

Wyze cam black won’t update wyze Car firmware after several attempts. My first wyze cam black wasn’t pre setup in my wyze app so just added it fresh from wyze Car app but got update failed. Then it won’t do anything afterwards. So I try my second wyze cam black that is installed on my wyze app and was working at the time. Now I added it in wyze Car app and selected car mode where the app started a car firmware update to where it failed also. Now I have two none workout wyze cam black cams and no fun with my new wyze Car… Please :sos: help…


Hmmm, I wonder why your updates failed? That doesn’t sound good in the long run. Are you near your router?

If your cams are dead, try doing a manual flash to wake them back up. You will need a SD card and this procedure:


My firmware got hosed when I tried to install the car firmware as well. Flashing the camera resolved the issue.

I flashed
Deleted device from app
Re-added to wyze app as a standard camera
Updated to car firmware from the wyze car app

All resolved and able to drive my car


I have been having the same problem.

What firmware did you flash the cam with? (March 9, 2021)

My update of the camera for the car also failed. I have an SD card to use to flash the firmware and retry the car update. Unfortunately I don’t have a reader for it on my computer. I guess I’ll have to go pick one of those up. Quite annoying.

I still have the same issue.

Updating the cam with the car app fails until I end up with the solid yellow light.
I can flash standard firmware with SD card but trying the car firmware fails again.

Is there a car firmware file available to install via SD?

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I have tried that firmware and even older ones, I still can’t get it out of the yellow solid state, I just bricked 2 of these cams.

I have the same issue, I just asked customer service if I can get a new camera (I offered to return the one I purchased and the replacement they already sent me). It looks like the Black ones have a particular issue.