Wyze Cam AI

Could you make a cam plus/cam plus lite type of AI that will detect if your dog pooped on the floor? This may sound stupid, but would be great for pet owners.

Wyze is actually working on a feature called “Smart Vision” where we are able to train our cameras to recognize things we want. The downside is that you have to provide multiple examples of training data for it to know what it is supposed to detect, but after your pet does it a few times you might be able to train the Wyze Smart Vision to be able to alert you to this soon. This would especially be effective if your pet typically does this in some kind of similar pattern, like close to the same location, etc. Maybe you could even train it to watch for when the pet starts going into their squatting position.

So far, to my knowledge, in public they have only tested this on V2 cams, but they did say they planned to expand this to allow other Wyze cameras to do it as well.

This SmartVision feature isn’t publicly launched yet, but it is something to keep an eye out for, assuming Wyze still plans to make it available. Maybe it will finally launch this year since 2023 is “the year of the camera” as the founders dubbed it.