Wyze Robot Vacuum - Poop Detection and Avoidance

Hi Wyze!!! Long time user (cam v1). I’m sure you’ve all had this question a bunch of times, hoping you have a good answer… Robot Vacuum. With all the neat AI that helps identify people, pets, packages in the cams, is there anything in the Robot Vacuum that helps it identify, um, the stuff we’ve all seen other robot vacuums run over, when you’ve got pets in the house? :poop: and :face_vomiting: I’d think that’d be great feature if it doesn’t do it… and would certainly be the thing that would result in me buying one… Can’t think of any more reason to build it… Build and they will come (or so I’ve heard)… watcha think?

Given that I’ve found some posts where the robot ran over the ‘gifts’ I gather this isn’t yet a thing. But why isn’t it? Certainly everyone here would be willing to upload lots of photos of these wonderful presents so we can build a AI database… and Wyze could be FIRST TO MARKET with the feature!!

Also, think of all the great promo material with incredible emoji that could be used in marketing material world wide!!!

Come on Wyze… let’s do this… who’s with me!!!

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The Roomba now does this. I’m wondering if a sensor that can detect/smell reaches matter and just STOP with a warning might not be easier?

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Great idea.

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