Wyze cam 3 dropped the ball

Cam 3 plus pointed out front, motion trigger to turn on garage lights, garage lights dim after one minute. Turn off after 2 minutes. Worked great until car break ins throughout neighborhood. Had to search the playback from the reported times because plus didn’t detect the person walking on my sidewalk at 4:15 in the morning. It be nice if we had buttons to skip a few seconds or scrub the video.


Does the camera normally pick up and trigger on person detection from the sidewalk at night? What are your sensitivity settings?

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That happens to me also. I have 2 v3’s pointed out my front windows(left and right side) . Sometimes only 1 will catch a person especially at night. One of the reasons I have 2 pointed in the same area.

The smaller percentage an object is on your screen, the higher you will need to set detection sensitivity. For that range you’d have to set sensitivity so high just about anything would trigger the camera. You would get all passing cars, for instance. Seems counter-productive.

The camera needs to be closer, like on the outside of the front of the garage, Or just put an old-fashioned PIR floodlight there, lol. That light change alone could trigger your distant camera.

BTW, this has noting to do with Cam Plus. It wouldn’t have worked any differently without it. It’s a camera function.

And no, the detection didn’t switch gears because break-ins started.

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Have you try using Detection Zone to fence off innocent passerby’s? Recently, I notice that the Wyze Cam Detection Zone has gone passed a simple rectangle area to a grid pattern over the camera’s field-of-view, and it has improved my ability to exclude cars driving by and neighbors walking their dogs pass my front yard. In your situation, you may want to raise the height of your camera so the camera can aim down and you can set up your Detection Zone to exclude the road and even the sidewalk.

its the window mount, no aiming down and yes the grid is setup