Wyze Cam 2 Will not power on

Wyze Cam 2 Will not power on, has worked no problem for a year or more. it is outdoors with a case.
Any suggestions, Tks

Did you change the cable? I had one go out on me…

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Does the camera show any sign of life like an indicator light or The IR LEDs turning on?
Are you using the provided Wyze power cable and adapter? Are you able to try a different power cable and/or adapter to troubleshoot?

Remember that the V2 is not an outdoor camera so it’s possible that the weather may have caused the camera to fail.

I tried another cable and no difference.

No lights or led. I was using the original cable and adapter and have tried another cable and adaptor with no change. Yes I have another one outside still working on an outdoor case. It is possible it did not survive, but the inside off the case is clean and dry.


You could try taking it apart and bypassing the USB connector to see if it will take power (and look for any obvious damage) but at this point you might want to say you got your money’s worth and just replace it.

Ya good idea, I will do that. tks!

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