Wyze Cam 2 being shut off small data being erased

Looking to see if anyone can assist here. I have 3 Wyze Cam 2’s. Put them up as local police suggested installing cams due to issue with neighbor. Last week one after the other the cars drove by extremely fast trying to fool with sensors. Before that they were pointing lights at the cameras and took down the new Wyze wireless. Since yesterday they are driving by with something and also going in driveway at blind spot and pointing something which is turning the camera off and when it occurs the video data is gone for that time. The back one no cars can access as it is in a backyard and it was shut off today, data loss, recovered but continuous recording shut off. At 3pm EST the other camera was shut off and data erased. Is there a way to protect the lens sensors and power?

Nothing pointed at a camera is going to cause a camera to turn off - well, except a projectile.

If you are talking about power being killed to the cameras, and the resulting loss of recording, let me explain that a bit. If the camera has a uSD card and is set to continuous recording, the camera records a file for each minute. If power is lost during the minute, there will be no file for that minute.

Cam Plus may be able to record before someone is able to kill power to the camera - I don’t use Cam Plus so I don’t know for sure.

If someone can reach the camera to kill power, you likely need to move the camera so that is not possible.

Thanks for the response.

I spoke to Wyze about the possibility of vehicles driving by so fast one right after the other at top speed if this will throw off a sensor and it was noted that it could. The cameras are inside looking out a window. After they drive by and use what they are using the cameras are off.![327 shutdown screen. I am the only one that has access to these cameras. I go in and restart. There is the standard flash that appears and then they work.

Here is the screen shot of the other stage showing power off.

When I am viewing in the camera and he sees it moving. He stops goes into his shed reviews his own camera and then gets in vehicle drives by up and down and then the camera is off. I get events on a regular basis for motion, until he comes home. I had to remove all wireless so I am only using the plug in cameras.

The only thing the speed of an object would do when in the frame of a camera is show up in various stages of motion blur, and that depends on the amount of light, camera shutter speed, aperture, frame frame, etc in frame.

The picture of the “power off” screen is just a software “off”, and it achieved by you or someone pressing the “on” or “off” button in app next to the camera or group on the main page.

This could also be done by a rule action. Do you have any rules set up?

When this happens, are you experiencing any issues with other devices in the house? WiFi, electronics, etc. Wonder if they are using some king of an Electromagnetic pulse EMP. Saw this video… How to Make EMP Gun | its for experiments and fun only - YouTube

What cameras do you have? The v2s are fixed and dont move.

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I agree with @Omgitstony that the V2’s are fixed and don’t move. I have cars driving by all the time with no issue, but if someone is pointing something at it or coming into your driveway and pointing something at it, then I would look at alternatives.try moving the camera to another location and see if the same thing happens, maybe on a second floor looking down.

Yes, I have 3 V2’s.

And, starting today, I am not receiving all events, when he is home. But, when he leaves I get them. When I hear the ping, I go to open and it is gone, but, I heard my ring coming from the backyard today.

So stupid question – maybe… :slight_smile:

Have you all experimented or set something up with IFTTT or Alexa. you can setup a presence sensor to perform certain actions like turning off notifications or camera’s when you are home, but when you leave - turn them back on.

I do not have either one

I know this seem unique too, but, I work home and I have everything for the past 5 weeks delivered no need to leave the house.

What moves then?

What do you mean here, you get a event notification you go to open it and it’s gone? What shows up in your event tab? Remove all filters in the even tab to show all events.

The even notice appears on the screen and I can hear it because I am holding the phone and I have the notifications set to a chime. I click to show event and sometimes there is nothing, no event listed in “Event” screen. So, I then click to open the Event, 3 Cameras on the screen and click show results. I originally received the notice and heard the sound and no event is listed. Here is another example. It is 6:46pm EST. I did receive one event at 6:33PM, I went to open it and there is an Error (Code 10). I hit playback and in the middle of the screen briefly appears the power start circle image and then it disappears and I see the car.

No rules have been setup. After speaking to the police they advised to have put cameras in and I installed the first one right after 1/21/2021. It was a V2 and then I setup the wireless. But, that one no longer works. It was going off and on and stating there it was disconnected from the cloud. After this occurrence for several days, I got it up and running and then showed it was off. Took the camera down and no power to it at all. The base works but camera will not.

Instead of choosing the cameras, click the clear all filters. Click show results and then see what shows. If you received the notification that there is an event, it should be there somewhere.


Thank you for noting. If I clear all filters will it drop anything that is populated in the events from early this morning?

Clearing the filters in the Event tab does not delete events. It only allows all events to be seen in the event tab. then you can scroll down to the time in question and see if the event is there.

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Am I missing something with this statement? The V2 does not have a base with it. The Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO) does come with a base station. The Camera will talk to the base station which is wired to your router. Wyze released a firmware update to allow for the Base to be Wireless as well, but that has not worked for me.