WyzeCam Recording shuts off without WiFi

In previous tests the WyzeCam stops recording after about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Does anyone know if this has been corrected yet? I want to leave my cameras recording with WiFi turned OFF because of RF exposure to 2.4GHz microwave signals. I made WyeCam aware of this about a year or so ago. Just wondering if they have addressed this issue, or instead put more bells and whistles into the WyzeCam rather than focus on user safety. It is a real pain in the neck to have to remember to turn On and Off the WiFi every hour and 20 minutes. Forced to chose a tag which has nothing to do with this thread is ridiculous.

Thank you

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I know I tested this back in October/November and my cam stayed running for 13 hours (I then ended the test). I am unaware of what firmware I was running at the time and have not checked it recently on current firmware. The only catch to this was the cam could not lose power, once power is lost it has to see the internet to call home.


I put a Wyze cam v2 on my dash in the car (while parked in the garage at home), plugged into an always-on USB power port. Once it came back online and acquired the home WiFi, I started a multi-hour stop-motion video recording. Then I left home, drove around town all day running errands, and letting it run. As long as I kept it powered, it kept recording (3.5 hours), until I returned home and shut it off. Made for a cool fast-motion video of my day.

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I will probably be testing this tomorrow, but that is how it worked the last time i tested. It was not limited as long as it had continuous power.